What Role Will Carlos Rodon Fill For White Sox?

Rodon is capable of starting or relieving, manager Rick Renteria says.

Inside the Clubhouse
June 29, 2020 - 10:55 am
White Sox left-hander Carlos Rodon

Kamil Krzaczynski/USA Today Sports


(670 The Score) One of the questions for the White Sox to sort out in spring training 2.0 is what role left-hander Carlos Rodon will fill in the shortened 60-game season.

It's a question that manager Rick Renteria is still trying to figure out himself as the 27-year-old Rodon returns from Tommy John surgery that he underwent in May 2019.

"He's been down a little while," Renteria said on Inside the Clubhouse on Saturday when asked what the best-case scenario is for Rodon. "For me, Carlos is unique in that he's capable of starting, relieving. He can do any number of things. I think that the most important thing for all of us -- and this is just me thinking long term for these guys -- is to make sure that they're truly healthy and able to perform. We'll figure out where we need to go. It is a short season, everybody knows. But I think a well-thought-out understanding of what we need in a particular moment -- I think moments now are probably going to be more important than thinking two, three or four weeks down the road. Now it's going to be tomorrow and the next day -- what can we actually do here in a particular situation with a particular guy? It's going to put us in a place, again, to be creative."

Rodon had a 5.19 ERA in seven starts before being sidelined by the injury in 2019. While the White Sox haven't set anything in stone, many of their comments about being cautious with Rodon point to them using him out of the bullpen or a more limited role of sorts.

"We still want to fit these guys into the types of roles that they have," Renteria said in speaking generally. "I think as an organization, we will consider all facets, maybe having (two starters) piggyback each other. Certainly, picking the right guy to possibly be an opener and things of that nature. I think all things being equal, unfortunately or fortunately, the time that we've been down (on hiatus) has allowed guys time to heal and to rehab and now they're going to be in a position where they put themselves with us here now and help us. 

"Right now, we'll try to be as creative as possible without hurting anyone. I think there are a lot of well-thought-out ideas and plans that guys have that we might be able to incorporate to take advantage of the situation that we have in terms of some of the pitching that we have, that's available to us."