White Sox prospect Eloy Jimenez

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Spiegel: White Sox's Goodness Is Coming

It's not easy being patient, but you have to zoom your focus out.

Matt Spiegel
June 27, 2018 - 1:36 pm

(670 The Score) You try so hard to be patient with these White Sox. Because deep down, you trust that the goodness is coming.

Only the Orioles and the Royals have fewer wins. The Lucas Giolito kid you hoped would assert himself as the young face of the rotation is floundering. Carson Fulmer is back in the minors where he belongs. You start to panic as you wonder if most of these starters kind of suck...

Shut up, big league viewer. Zoom out. Eloy Jimenez just got promoted to Triple-A and hit his first homer there a couple days ago. With a lot of other hyped kids either hurt or already up, Jimenez is the most anticipated prospect likely to hit the big leagues this season. Big fantasy sports websites are writing breathless pieces about how close he is.

Your best pitcher just called out the team, saying they were playing like clowns, and you know he’s not wrong. The defense-only center fielder keeps dropping fly balls he can't drop. The jewel of the Chris Sale trade just hit .183 over a 35-game span. Holy hell this is ugly...

Cram it, mindful, present major league White Sox fan brain. Michael Kopech asserts that he figured some things out in his last four innings two starts ago, and then did you see what he did in his most recent outing? He struck out nine in six shutout frames. He’s a smart kid with a freaking howitzer, and you might get to see him in September.

You fear you might end up a failed tanking experiment. National columnists you love are using you as an example  of why the Mets shouldn't trade their aces:

Since the White Sox traded Sale, they have been the worst team in baseball (91-140, .394). Their attendance has fallen 21 percent. Their payroll has been slashed by 25 percent. Their television ratings, down eight percent last year, were the worst in baseball other than those for the Athletics.

This doesn't feel good!

Slow down, fight off premature conclusions and stop reading Tom Verducci for a minute. He’s grossly overstating the relevance of the big league club. Rely on local bloggers to mitigate his "out of town stupid." You exhale and realize someone else is gonna have to write "The White Sox Way."

Look, if you really, truly need big league joy, it can be found. Yoan Moncada just broke out and is on an RBI and extra-base hit tear. Jose Abreu is his consistently excellent self and is going to start at first base in the All-Star Game. Dylan Covey might be a surprise something. Joakim Soria is looking like a terrific addition who's a sign-and-flip candidate. Your broadcast crew of Jason Benetti and Steve Stone are a damn good listen and offer consistent proper perspective. You have Yolmer Sanchez, and no one else does.

You look south to the affiliates and begin to grin. You have a top-three farm system, and pieces are rising steadily. Luis Robert has just begun his organizational climb. You might have fleeced the Cubs on Dylan Cease, who just moved to Double-A on the strength of his suddenly devastating changeup. The righty half of a promising catcher platoon just jumped to Charlotte, while the lefty probably joins him there this year or next.  AND DID YOU FORGET HOW CLOSE ELOY JIMENEZ IS?

No, you didn’t forget. You just got lost in the standings and the losses and the small crowds and the frustratingly long slog of innings as you wait this summer out. But now you’ve been reminded of the priorities and the possibilities.

And you feel better. You should, anyway. The goodness is coming.

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