Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

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Shepkowski: Jay Cutler Keeps Living His Best Life

Cutler is so easy to relate to in "Very Cavallari."

Nick Shepkowski
July 16, 2018 - 10:41 am

(670 The Score) The second episode of the best show on television this summer aired Sunday night as "Very Cavallari" brought the drama once again.

For the second week in a row, we saw a social media director make great effort to not work, more drama (over nothing) than any workplace should ever have and an insecure and an aspiring country music artist get his feelings hurt because his girlfriend dared to speak to another man who's a friend/co-worker of hers.

So with all of that stated, let me be the first to say -- thank god for Jay Cutler.

Does anyone remember the Bears game on a Monday night in Detroit back in 2011?  It was early October, and pretty much no Bears showed up to play besides Cutler, who went 28-for-38 for 249 yards and a touchdown.

On a night that nobody else was really worth a damn -- the Bears lost 24-13 -- at least there was Jay. Despite running for his life and dealing with endless drops, Cutler was the main reason the Bears had a halftime lead before simply just not having enough in the second half.

That was the Cutler we saw in "Very Cavallari" on Sunday night.

The cast around him was nothing short of awful -- "what’s 6 x 7? ... uhh, 36?" -- but at least there was Cutler to not make the hour-long time investment completely mind-numbing.

The first we see of Jay is a payoff of last week’s tease as he decides he wants to buy a new house.  Not much goes into Kristin telling him it’s not happening before he’s back to his iPad, watching deer cams on faraway properties. The lad even has names for the frequent visitors he sees.

I admire the man for what we see in the second episode. He worked his ass off for decades, made it to the NFL and had the best career of any quarterback in a draft class that included Heisman Trophy winner Matt Lienart and a college legend Vince Young.

But at this stage of his life, Cutler doesn’t seem to want to go out on an adventure each day. He’d instead watch deer cams and better himself by looking at his scores of leather-bound books.

I don’t know a single person in the world who can’t relate to his total disinterest in helping his wife move her business once he’s asked to. "Is there anything worse than moving ... whatever!" He has an intolerance for stupidity, and I appreciate the last two Sundays because of that. On this particular Sunday, he asks if he can fire Kristin’s staff, something I think any viewer would be more than fine with.

His wife to this day claims her own husband has no game and makes fun of him for his love e-mails that he used to send to court her.

Nor does she give a single damn for the five fish he keeps in his own, small tank.  

Good for Jay in living his best life, as he showed again in the second episode. I personally can't wait until we’re breaking down his handling of goats next week.  

Nick Shepkowski is the executive producer of the McNeil & Parkins Show on 670 the Score in afternoon drive. Follow him on Twitter @Shep670.