'Nothing Less Than Success' Expected For White Sox

"It's just exciting to see," Rick Renteria says of the White Sox's additions.

Mully & Haugh Show
January 10, 2020 - 10:10 am

(670 The Score) Perhaps no one associated with the White Sox has been more enthused with the team's splashy offseason than manager Rick Renteria.

An eternal optimist, Renteria has led the White Sox through three turbulent rebuilding seasons since he took charge ahead of the 2017 season. He has led the White Sox to a 201-284 record (.414) in that span, with his focus largely on developing young talent rather than winning on a large scale.

Now, the expectations have changed after the White Sox's busy offseason in which they've added a plethora of veterans -- left-hander Dallas Keuchel, left-hander Gio Gonzalez, reliever Steve Cishek, catcher Yasmani Grandal, designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion and outfielder Nomar Mazara.

The White Sox's goal is to compete at a high level in the AL Central and make the playoffs. They went 72-89 in 2019.

"The whole ball of wax, it's just exciting to see," Renteria said on the Mully & Haugh Show on Friday morning. "We're looking forward to getting the spring going and the season started and hopefully attain and reach those expectations that we've been placing upon ourselves since we (started) this change.

"It's about getting it done. That's the bottom line. I think everyone should embrace it. It's an opportunity now to embrace the possibilities, and so I'm very optimistic. I've always thought myself to be an optimist, but I'm very optimistic and very happy with the direction we're going in as an organization. I'm sure Rick (Hahn) is not done."

And how does Renteria think his team -- specifically the youngsters -- will handle the increased expectations and spotlight?

"I'm not too concerned," he said. "I know that the record isn't what anyone would've wanted (in recent years). Obviously, the addition of player personnel plays a big part in what we believe is truthfully what we're going to be capable of doing. But expectations have never been something we've shied away from. We've talked about expectations since the beginning of my tenure. We're never afraid to put ourselves out there. Obviously, everybody now sees the club and sees the additions we've made and has legitimate expectations as we do. If you're afraid of expectations and shy away from them, this is not something you should be doing. I don't shy away from expectations. The club that we have that's been developing over the last few years understands that. We've talked about it. We've talked about that we were going to get to this point to where we're going to have to respond. The reality is we've got to keep the noise away from everybody. They've got to be able to isolate all the noise and just continue to be able to focus on taking care of all the little things that are required to give us a chance to win ball games.

"None of those kids like losing. None of them. And they know what's expected of us is success -- and nothing less than success and putting ourselves in a position to go what we're supposed to."