Mully & Haugh: Tiger Woods wins 2019 Masters, 5@5 (Hour 1)

Mully & Haugh Show
Monday, April 15th
Mike Mulligan and David Haugh opened their show by conducting their daily 5 at 5 segment, which began with a discussion about Tiger Woods' historic win at the Masters on Sunday. What was harder for Woods to overcome: his physical injuries or the psychological damage of his personal scandal? The guys then debated whether the Cubs or White Sox are headed in a better direction before sharing their thoughts on which Cubs hitter will have the best season: Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo or Kyle Schwarber? Finally, the morning crew had a discussion about what White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson needs to accomplish at the plate for his season to be considered a success and had a conversation about how Warriors guard Steph Curry will be remembered.