Mully & Haugh: Manny Machado's agent calls out reporters, 5@5 (Hour 1)

Mully & Haugh Show
Thursday, January 17th
Mike Mulligan and David Haugh opened their show by conducting their daily "5 at 5" segment, which began with a discussion about Manny Machado's agent, who called out specific reporters by name Wednesday for being "completely wrong" about their reporting on the White Sox's offer to his client.The guys then had a discussion about whether Duke star Zion Williamson should "shut it down," as suggested by Bulls great Scottie Pippen, and the Cubs' offseason inactivity. Later, the morning crew discussed their top questions for Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, who appeared later in the program, and compared the Bill Parcells coaching tree of Bill Belichick and Sean Payton to the Bill Walsh tree of Andy Reid and Sean McVay.