Mully & Haugh: Bruce Levine, Mike Florio interviews (Hour 4)

Mully & Haugh Show
Tuesday, March 19th
In the final hour, Mike Mulligan and David Haugh discussed Haugh's latest piece in the Chicago Tribune regarding a new Pizza Hut ad that will feature John Phillips, the son of Northwestern athletic director Jim Philips. John became an Internet sensation after CBS cameras showed him crying during Northwestern's loss to Gonzaga in the 2017 NCAA Tournament in Salt Lake City. Score baseball insider Bruce Levine then joined the show to discuss the significance of Cubs closer Brandon Morrow pitching off the mound Monday for the first time this spring and the White Sox naming left-hander Carlos Rodón their Opening Day starter. Later, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk joined the program to discuss the Raiders being honored with the "Best Transaction" award by the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at MIT for the team's decision to trade star linebacker Khalil Mack to the Bears last September. Florio also discussed Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill — who's under police investigation following two separate child abuse allegations, one of which is an alleged battery — before weighing in on more of the latest NFL storylines.