Mully & Haugh: Browns sign Kareem Hunt, 5@5 (Hour 1)

Mully & Haugh Show
Tuesday, February 12th
Mike Mulligan and David Haugh opened their show by conducting their daily "5 at 5" segment, which began with a discussion about whether it's best the Bears missed out on signing running back Kareem Hunt or if they missed out on a chance now that he signed with the Browns. Hunt is currently on the commissioner's exempt list after kicking a woman. The then guys discussed the decision by Kyler Murray to walk away from at least $4 million with the Oakland Athletics to pursue a career in football. The morning crew also debated whether it's fair that the Bears have to play at Detroit on Thanksgiving Day in 2019 and whether improvement in the Bulls' offense matters before closing the segment out with a discussion about whether the AAF should cut a deal to loan players to the NFL for developmental purposes.