Emma: As We Wait, Here's To Baseball

The MLB season is on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, but we can dream.

Chris Emma
March 26, 2020 - 9:03 am

(670 The Score) The beauty of the baseball season is its constant nature. For every tough loss, there's a chance to win the next day. When it rains, there's sunshine right around the corner. And each Opening Day, there's promise of what the season could bring.

Baseball season is always worth the wait of a long winter. It will certainly be worth however long this wait is as our world works to fight off the coronavirus pandemic. Thursday was supposed to be MLB Opening Day, but instead ballparks around America are closed and players remain confined in their homes.

We're all waiting for baseball. Especially in Chicago.

Coming off three tough rebuilding years, the White Sox are set to embark on what they envision being the first of many seasons of contention. There's great hope on the South Side for what a young core can accomplish in the coming years. In that sense, the 2020 season represents a new beginning for the White Sox.

The Cubs are hoping their championship core can author another playoff run, and they've turned to new manager David Ross to maximize what's on the roster. This could be the season of reckoning for them.

The dream of having a crosstown World Series has long lived in Chicago. We're a long way from that, but the White Sox and Cubs are both positioned to contend this season. There's plenty of hope on both sides of town.

Baseball won't start Thursday, and we don't know when it will be back. All we can do is our small part to help fight the pandemic and hope the sports we love return as soon as it's safe. Everybody has a part of ridding the coronavirus by staying at home, preventing the spread and ultimately flattening the curve. Fear is only natural these days as the confirmed cases of the disease rise and the death toll increases.

These are unprecedented times, but we're striving to beat the virus and regain our normalcy. And normalcy is baseball season.

As we sit at home in quarantine and isolation, it's easy to drift off to a new Opening Day for the White Sox and Cubs and what it will feel like being back in the ballpark after withstanding this pandemic.

Hope is what we need these days, and baseball can still bring us that. The games aren't here on this Thursday, but I like to believe we'll move past this and they'll be back soon. 

When baseball arrives, it will be a welcome sight.

Chris Emma covers the Bears, Chicago’s sports scene and more for 670TheScore.com. Follow him on Twitter @CEmma670.