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Report: Dodgers Awarded 2020 All-Star Game

The Cubs have been lobbying to host an All-Star Game.

April 10, 2018 - 2:09 pm

(670 The Score) The Dodgers have been awarded the 2020 All-Star Game, the Orange County Register reported Tuesday afternoon.

The Cubs had been lobbying the league office to host the 2020 All-Star Game for some time, touting the completion of renovations to storied Wrigley Field. Now, that desire will have to wait at least one more season.

The Cubs and Wrigley Field last hosted the All-Star Game in 1990. The Dogers and Dodger Stadium last hosted one in 1980.

The belief around the game is that the Cubs will host an All-Star Game sooner than later. There's no set timetable for when the 2021 host may be announced.

"The year that would be perfect for us would be 2020," Cubs president of business operations Crane Kenney said on 670 The Score in March. "The ballpark will be finished then. It will sort of be a capstone to a five-year project of bring the All-Star Game and have the world celebrate the new-and-improved Wrigley Field."

At that time, Kenney acknowledged both the Dodgers' desire to host the All-Star Game and the the heavily publicly financed stadiums of the Braves (that has already opened) and Rangers (who are set to open theirs in 2020) as obstacles to the Cubs' bid.

"They will make the point that those cities have given hundreds of millions of dollars to those teams to help them prepared their ballpark," Kenney said then.

"We don't have the financial argument and we're not the longest-waiting team, but we're still hopeful. My guess is I think it happens in the next four or five years. Will we get 2020? I'm not so sure."

The question now moves to will the Cubs win the bid for 2021?