Report: Epstein Being Sued In Dog Urination Incident

The suit stems from 2015, when Theo Epstein rented a house during spring training.

670 The Score Staff
October 15, 2019 - 5:40 pm

(670 The Score) A lawsuit has been brought by a couple against Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein seeking damages after his dog urinated in their house that Epstein and his family rented in Paradise Valley, Arizona during spring training in 2015, according to the Phoenix New Times.

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Epstein's dog "left a terrible odor and urine-stained carpeting" in the house, "staining tile and stone flooring, wood door jams, cabinets and furniture," the New Times reported in citing the lawsuit that was filed in Maricopa County Super Court on Thursday.

Epstein denied the allegations through a Cubs spokesman, who added that the owners did nothing "to address a scorpion infestation that put (the Epstein) family in danger," according to the New Times. The Epsteins left the rental home early that spring training to stay at another place because of the scorpion problem, the New Times reported.

"This frivolous lawsuit would have you believe a 10-pound rescue puppy transformed into a nightmarish Levitán from the 1984 Alice Cooper horror movie and went on a rampage in a rental property," Cubs spokesman Julian Green told the New Times. "The truth is the real horror story was the house and inhabited creatures that put this family at risk every time they put their children to sleep."

Epstein's dog is named Winston, the Chicago Tribune reported. Epstein then had a one-liner quip when asked about the lawsuit.

"As I said, we have no untouchables," Epstein told the Tribune. "Winston is definitely available in the right trade."

The repair estimate for the damage was $51,405, the Tribune reported.