Maddon Reveals Pickup Strategy During Younger Days

It's not about one-liners in Joe Maddon's mind.

Laurence Holmes Show
September 10, 2019 - 3:13 pm

(670 The Score) During his five-year tenure as Cubs manager, Joe Maddon has always had a way with words. He's engaging with the media and fans and often witty.

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Despite that, it was a completely different approach that Maddon used when he was young and single and looking to strike up conversation with the ladies. It didn't involve a quick one-liner. It did involve great positioning.

"It wasn't so much a line as it was -- it was called Camel Filters," Maddon said on the Laurence Holmes Show on Tuesday when asked from a box of fan questions what his best pickup line was.

"You'd disengage from the pack. Because when you're sitting around with a bunch of guys, you have really zero chance on getting together with any kind of lady. So you'd disassociate from the pack and you'd sit near the ladies' room, and that way you'd be by yourself. So if anybody had been noticing you that night, that would be your best opportunity. So I'd say, 'I'm going to get Camel Filters,' and I'd get away from the group and I'd pick up a seat near the ladies' room. And hopefully somebody would come in my direction."

Maddon made sure he was still one of the boys though too, calling himself "a great wingman."

"I used to really love to send drinks to a lady from my buddy," Maddon said. "Like if I'm trying to help out Timmy, I'd pick out a lady at the bar and send her a drink from Timmy. The bartender would point and all of a sudden my buddy would have an opportunity."