Cubs' Joe Maddon Fires Back At Pirates' Clint Hurdle: Your Criticism Reveals More About You Than Javy Baez

Hurdle criticized Baez for not running out a pop-up Wednesday night.

Bruce Levine
April 13, 2018 - 1:34 pm
Cubs manager Joe Maddon

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By Bruce Levine--

CHICAGO (670 The Score) -- Cubs manager Joe Maddon fired back at Pirates manager Clint Hurdle on Friday, the day after the teams wrapped up a three-game series that featured Hurdle calling out Chicago second baseman Javier Baez for not running out an infield pop-up.

"Whenever you want to be hypocritical of somebody, just understand you are revealing yourself and your beliefs more than you're evaluating someboday," Maddon said before the Cubs hosted the Braves. "Because you have not spent one second in that person's skin."

Hurdle and the Pirates were irked by Baez flinging his bat and not running out an infield pop-up in the seventh inning of the Cubs' 13-5 win Wednesday night. Baez had hit two homers Tuesday and two more prior to that at-bat in Wednesday's game.

“Where is the respect for the game?” Hurdle said.

Maddon was having none of it.

"I was surprised by it," Maddon said of Hurdle's comments. "I did not see this coming at all. Clint and I have had a great relationship. I have known him for many years. I don't know why he did what he did. Maybe he wanted to delve into more on his side. I do believe in not interfering with other groups. I have commented on things, post-fights and may be incited a few things. That was after injury or throwing at somebody. I have had commentary and don't deny I have. But to disseminate what I think about a guy on another team, based on superficial reasons, I will never go there. I don't know the guy enough. I am not in the clubhouse with him. I don't know what kind of a teammate he is. I would hesitate."

Maddon dismisssed the issue as a youthful mistake by Baez, who expressed regret to his teammates and Maddon but none to the Pirates.

"His response and the fact he owned up to it, my God, what more would you want from one of your guys?" Maddon said.

"How old is Javy? 24, 25? Just put yourself in that position. I was coming out of Lafayette playing ball, just getting released at the at age. I was an absolute idiot. I am not saying Javy is. Just give young people an opportunity to make mistakes. The mistakes of youth are preferable to the wisdom of old age."

The Cubs and Pirates next play in Pittsburgh from May 28-30.

"I just know this is going to motivate Javy," Maddon said. "I really believe that. Javy is always motivated anyway. I will be eager and curious to watch him perform in Pittsburgh from now on."

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