Ian Happ: Chicago Media Is 'Pretty Favorable'

"Our market does a great job of kind of seeing the whole picture," Happ says.

Dan Bernstein Show
July 02, 2020 - 10:04 am

(670 The Score) Is the Chicago media market as a whole too tough on its teams and players? Too soft? Or somewhere in between?

Well, that depends whom you ask. Former Bears kicker Cody Parkey might have different opinion than Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo. Bulls coach Jim Boylen almost certainly would have a different viewpoint than any of the White Sox's up-and-coming young talents.

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But in the eyes of one individual who has been in the city since 2017 and endured prolonged professional struggles in 2019 before rebounding, the Chicago media corps is fair and understanding. That's what Cubs outfielder Ian Happ shared on the Dan Bernstein Show on Thursday morning, explaining that he appreciates how reporters and pundits have a strong understanding of the bigger picture.

"Chicago’s a pretty favorable place with the media," Happ said. "Because for the most part – for the most part – the group is not out to get you. They’re not out to make a storyline out of a misquote or only print part of the story. They do a great job of giving us a chance to really express ourselves and hear our voice. And it’s treated more as a season. They’re a little bit more understanding (than other markets). I know we were very fortunate with Joe (Maddon) to take a lot of pressure off us and (him) do a lot of the media responsibilities. But just looking at some of the other major markets, I know we’ve heard guys that have played for some of the other markets, and they talk about 162 single-game seasons, where at the end of every day, if you lost that day, it’s the end of the world.

"So our media, our market does a great job of kind of seeing the whole picture, of not getting too high or too low. And I think we really appreciate that as a group. We really appreciate the fact that we can really feel comfortable talking to our media and not feel like we always have to be 100% on guard."

Listen to Happ's full interview below.