Report: Cubs Employees To Take Pay Cuts

The pay cuts will be 15% or less for most employees, ESPN reported.

670 The Score Staff
May 20, 2020 - 5:03 pm

(670 The Score) Cubs employees will take pay reductions while also being guaranteed work through at least the end of June, ESPN reported Wednesday afternoon.

Most of the pay cuts will be for 15% or less and the hope is there won't be a need for furloughs, according to the report

The development comes as a return date for MLB remains uncertain. The owners and players continue to discuss the framework of a return-to-play proposal, but the union hasn't officially been presented a plan. There's some hope across the MLB landscape that the regular season could start in July if the sides can reach a labor deal soon.

MLB has contended that it will lose a projected $640,000 per game without fans in the stands, the Associated Press reported. Players agreed to pro-rated salaries in March in the event of a shortened season, but owners want that topic revisited with the knowledge that fans won't be allowed in the stands when the games return -- and perhaps for the full season. 

The Cubs did commit to paying their employees their base salaries for most of May while the season was suspended.