Ian Happ: 'Positive' Traction Building Toward MLB Deal

"There are conversations happening and we're getting closer to a deal," Happ says.

Dan Bernstein Show
May 28, 2020 - 11:44 am

(670 The Score) As MLB and the players' union continue to clash on the economics of a return-to-play agreement for a shortened 2020 season, the negotiations are becoming public and seemingly uglier with each passing day.

MLB offered the players a financial proposal that includes a sliding scale for how salary would be cut, with the highest-paid players taking the highest reductions. The union immediately pushed back at that and plans to counter the league with a proposal of its own that includes more than 100 games and a guarantee of full prorated salaries for the 2020 season, ESPN reported.

In the mind of Cubs outfielder Ian Happ, a representative of the players' union, having these negotiations play out in the media is unhelpful for all. But Happ sees progress between the two sides, even if the public perception is that of animosity.

"It's positive," Happ said. "Any traction on the two sides sending proposals back and forth is positive. I think that's what the fans should take from this. There are conversations happening and we're getting closer to a deal.

 "No matter how far off we are in these proposals, from either side, sending them back and forth is getting us closer to a deal. I think there's nothing but positives coming out of the two sides talking."

A subcommittee of the union held a call Wednesday in which players expressed frustration over the offer proposed by the owners, according to reports. A counter-proposal from the union is expected to follow by the end of this week.

While there's no firm deadline for a deal to be reached, the original plan was for teams to start spring training in mid-June and open the shortened regular season in early July.