Hossa Never Considered His Hall Of Fame Potential

Marian Hossa only realized the possibility after retiring.

Dan Bernstein Show
June 26, 2020 - 11:31 am

(670 The Score) By the end of his esteemed career, winger Marian Hossa had the resume of a first-ballot selection to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It was something that came to fruition Wednesday, when Hossa joined the game's greats with his election.

But the former Blackhawks star Hossa never considered the possibility of becoming a Hall of Famer while playing. It was something he only realized was possible after leaving the game in 2017 due to a skin disorder.

"To tell the truth, during the time I was playing, I never had this in my mind," Hossa said on the Dan Bernstein Show on Friday. "I think it started somehow after I stopped playing, and they started mentioning my name, that I could be going to the Hall of Fame. 

"After I started looking at the numbers and looking at the numbers of other players, I said I maybe wasn't that far off or some numbers were even better.

"I told myself, 'OK, if this is supposed to happen, I don't have any control to worry about it.'"

Hossa signed with the Blackhawks ahead of the 2009-'10 season. He was seeking his first championship at the time. He went on to win the Stanley Cup three times with Chicago, including his first season with the team.

With Hossa headed to the Hall of Fame, he hopes to someday be joined by former Blackhawks teammates. 

"That would be great to have ex-teammates from that time when we were successful and we won going into the Hall of Fame," Hossa said. "That would be amazing. 

"I am sure at least three of them are going to be in the Hall of Fame in the future.That would be fun to see later on, reflect back on those days, have cigars and a couple beers and talk about old times."