LeBron James

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Bernstein: Pay Attention To What LeBron James Is Doing

James is averaging a triple-double over his last 25 games.

Dan Bernstein
March 22, 2018 - 2:16 pm

By Dan Bernstein--
670TheScore.com senior columnist

(670 The Score) Forget comparing LeBron James to anyone else for a moment and set aside any long-held bias or idol worship that may have blinded you to one of the finest performers in the history of sport. And don't worry about the fate of his remodeled and inconsistent Cavaliers.

Just look at his recent work.​

At 33 years old, James is simply playing some of the best basketball of his life, bending time and space around him as if jacked into The Matrix, where abilities and cheat codes can be uploaded to his game as needed. He'sdoing everything, all the time, and as efficiently as ever.

He set a record again Wednesday night, becoming the first player to record at least 35 points and 17 assists in a game without committing a turnover. James is averaging a triple-double over his last 25 games, a stretch four times longer than his previous run of such numbers. All this has come while outperforming his career rates in almost every statistical category.

James' passing has evolved from spectacular to otherworldly, his highlights routinely the stuff of viral video as he has already notched a career-high of six games with 15 or more assists, topping the total of four he had -- ever -- previous to this season.

We can debate numbers and the evolution of the game and relative eras all you want, but we've never seen anything like this from somebody this big, this old and this great.

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