McNeil: Gimme 1 More Day, Then I Got Something I've Been Needing To Say

McNeil has been sidelined with laryngitis but hopes to return Thursday.

Dan McNeil
April 04, 2018 - 11:34 am

By Dan McNeil--

(670 The Score) On Tuesday morning, I was listening to my Score midday colleagues, Dan Bernstein and Connor McKnight, discussing the unique challenges vexing a one-armed catcher. Perfectly timed, I thought.

Never would I opt to trade places with one who operates with such a debilitating disadvantage, but I immediately flashed to my frustration over what now is a 22-day episode of laryngitis. I can't recall it ever lasting more than a week, but even if it's just a day, yakking on the radio in a coarse, scratchy wisp of a voice -- or almost no voice -- is less than optimal.

An otolaryngologist has been added to my always-growing medical team. Geez, I'd never heard of that niche segment of medicine until last week.  

It's was three weeks ago today when The Score embarked on a new era and shook up the roster. And as was the case in August 1999 when the station executed a complete makeover, many listeners and many Score employees met the news with overwhelming sadness or anger.

My eagerness to address publicly my return, our new team, decidedly more comprehensively than I have, has consumed me. With little strength, it's next to impossible to use the range and from-the-toes oration necessary to make that message stick. I need to emote, and that requires a full tank of gas.

After my departure from the Score's midday show almost four years ago, I was acutely aware many wouldn't welcome a return. As excited as I was about the prospects of my new afternoon show, starring Danny Parkins and producers Nick Shepkowski and Chris Tannehill, I had no intentions to spike the ball about a return. There's much work to be done, on and off the air.

Many have been shaken. I, too, am deeply fond of Matt Spiegel, my former partner, and Jason Goff, our former afternoon host. It was I who championed their causes for on-air opportunities years back and nothing has been more satisfying these last dozen years or so than seeing former interns and former producers convert their dreams and hard work into reality.

These first few weeks have been anything but a celebration and not only because of my voicelessness. There has been no touchdown dance.

Much of "Score Nation" and those here at the station remain in the "healing process." My hope is you will trust the vision of our management team, Jimmy deCastro and Mitch Rosen. My wish is you recognize the sincerity with which I say "I'm sorry if you felt I abandoned you in 2014." My want is for you to reacquire the same passion for the station you possessed when you first discovered it.

And now that the "McNeil & Parkins Show" is entering is fourth week today, I can't wait to get that puppy up and running. With this vocal impairment, my contributions have come in the form of mere 25-second sound bytes. We haven't even launched yet, really, but my new show mates already have proved what I suspected about our quartet a month ago -- this new afternoon show has enormous potential to be one of this great city's all-timers in a sports yak format.

My doctors say there's nothing seriously wrong. I'm told to be vigilant about resting my voice, take the anti-inflammatory meds, take steam, avoid cold air, sip tea with honey and stop f____g smoking. I'm doing those things.   

I'm optimistic Thursday will include getting close enough to 100 percent to return to my boyquarium. I can assure you nobody has been more frustrated -- but not dispirited -- than I by this awkward start to my fourth "new show" in the Score's glorious 26-plus year history. 

There's so much I have to share with you about "us."  That feeling of fraternity between hosts, staff and you -- our listeners -- has been the most critical ingredient in the station's recipe for success. As a guy who was just rehired to be among the straws stirring that drink, I can't wait to get on with our next long romance.

Dan McNeil is a co-host of the "McNeil and Parkins Show" in afternoons. You can follow him on Twitter @DannyMac670.