College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska in 2017

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Bernstein: NCAA Makes A Big Discovery

Fans enjoy drinking alcohol at sporting events? Who knew!

Dan Bernstein
April 19, 2018 - 1:42 pm

By Dan Bernstein-- senior columnist

(670 The Score) You sure have to get up early if you want to try to pull one over on the ol' NCAA. It's not like they just fell off a turnip truck, darnit.

This august body is quick to figure things out, we well know, and they have proved it yet again after two years of experimentation have allowed them to reach the groundbreaking conclusion that selling beer at ballgames is good business. Their pilot program testing the very idea of such a move at the College World Series proved so successful that their Division I Council has now approved alcohol sales at all of their sports' championships.

Brilliant, I tell you. 

Only these clowns would need a multi-year feasibility study to eventually conclude that people like a beer or a glass of wine at a sporting event. According to well-placed sources within our favorite superfluous free-labor cartel, other possibilities also currently under investigation include having food options available in airports, selling cotton candy at amusement parks and the outside-the-box thought of making popcorn available at movie theaters.

Seriously, when this story crossed I read it as the driest satire, archly lampooning them for another signature example of their needless expenditure of energy.

Alas, The Onion it is not. The NCAA had to go to great lengths to assess the viability of allowing sports fans to buy beer at games, and it turns out to be something they think just might work.

Who knew?

Dan Bernstein is a co-host of 670 The Score’s “Bernstein and McKnight Show” in middays. You can follow him on Twitter @dan_bernstein.​