Bernstein: Jay Cutler Is 85th-Best Bear Ever? C'mon

Cutler is the best player the Bears have ever had at the most important position.

Dan Bernstein
May 20, 2019 - 1:35 pm

(670 The Score) First I must offer this disclaimer: Dan Pompei and Don Pierson are smarter, better, far more accomplished writers than I am or probably ever will be, and that goes for them each individually before we even consider them as a combined entity of football judgment, as they are in the case of the Bears' list of their top 100 players in franchise history, the first quarter of which was made public Monday morning.  

This is as formidable and authoritative an axis of Bears experience and knowledge as could be conceived, a literal pair of Hall of Famers in charge of the rankings.

But putting the best quarterback in franchise history at No. 85 is just wrong.

Another caveat -- please don't read this as a full-throated endorsement of Jay Cutler's tenure with the Bears but rather recognize it as the overall disappointment it was despite reaching the NFC title game and viewing the eight-year body of work fairly. I'm not here to defend the indefensible, only to point out an objective discrepancy.

Cutler is the Bears' all-time career leader in (per

Completions: 2,020
Passing attempts: 3,271
Passing yards: 23,443
Passing touchdowns: 154
Wins: 51
Game-winning drives: 18
4th-quarter comebacks: 16 
Passer rating (minimum 30 starts): 85.2
Passing yards per game (minimum 30 starts): 229.8
Completion percentage (minimum 30 starts): 61.8

Cutler is also the Bears' single-season leader in:

Completions: 370 in 2014
Passing attempts: 561 in 2014
Game-winning drives: 4 in 2009, 2010 and 2015
4th-quarter comebacks: 4 in 2010 and 2015

Cutler is unquestionably the best player the Bears have ever had at the most important position in the sport and arguably the most important single position in all of team sports. That's good for better than 85th on this top-100 list, without even needing to bother quibbling as the other three quarters of the 100 get rolled out.

These lists need flashpoints to spark argument and grab attention, and it's all I can do to write this off as just a little bit of a troll job, and if so, I guess I'm their huckleberry. Duly noted.

He may not be top 20, top 40 or top 50, but Jay Cutler -- firmly atop the all-time list of Bears quarterback -- is sure as hell not No. 85.

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