Bernstein: For Bears, It's Championship Or Bust

It's time to make history instead of rehashing it.

Dan Bernstein
September 04, 2019 - 1:46 pm

(670 The Score) Now go win the Super Bowl. Don't just get there and play and lose like the last time you went to Miami. Win it, Bears.

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Have a parade down Michigan Avenue in the dead of winter, with earmuffs and open-decked buses and visible exhalations as confetti falls. Give us a ruddy-faced George McCaskey holding the Lombardi Trophy exultantly over his head before handing it to his grinning and bundled-up mother as the brass band plays.

We need Mitchell Trubisky and Tarik Cohen hosting Saturday Night Live, Matt Nagy doing Binny's TV ads and a limited-time McDonald's sandwich called the Big Mack. Bring it home.

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It's designed for the here and the now, on every level. The roster, the various contracts, the age range of core players and any reconciliation with the NFL's salary cap aligning for this season and next, and there's no reason not to get on with it. Such sweet spots for pro sports franchises take a combination of foresight, resources, patience and more than a little dumb luck, and they have to be cashed in by winning at least one championship.

This is one of those, and we all seem to know it and feel it. We may have allowed ourselves to think similar thoughts at the end of last season, but it all came on with such an unlikely burst that we didn't have time to build this same level of anticipation. The suddenness of the ouster has made the wait for real football seem even longer, and this first game must be the start of a journey to some kind of redemption.

So stay healthy. Hold onto the ball. Hit open receivers. Tackle.

It's not enough to win more games than you lose, merely beat the Packers or crow about winning your division. Win all of it, because that's the point of the exercise.

Make the blocks. Set the edge. No dumb penalties.

All of the centennial celebration has been fun, and nothing would validate your heritage standing in the league like owning it again in its 100th year, especially while your beloved matriarch can appreciate it. Make history instead of rehashing it. Write the next book with action, right damn now.

The nation is watching too. Games are in front of many more eyes, in the prime-time television slots and called by the big names. Rise to it. Deserve it.

Stop the run. Run the football. Pressure the quarterback.

You gave us Marc Trestman, you gave us Phil Emery and you gave us John Fox. You owe us, and you pay off that debt by being the last team standing after the biggest game in sports, back on top of the world. Make instant legends of every last name. Win a title.

Make the kick.

Dan Bernstein is a co-host of 670 The Score’s Bernstein & McKnight Show in midday. You can follow him on Twitter @Dan_Bernstein.